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◆Shuttle Bus Stops◆

* Please note that some of the shuttle bus stops are located at a distance from the facilities they are named after.

  • The shuttle bus stop to the Hotel Monterey Nagasaki is the same as the Medical Center Bus Stop for the Nagasaki Bus.
  • The Bus Stop in JR Nagasaki Station for the shuttle bus is different from the local bus stop.
  • The shuttle bus stop to the Hotel Nagasaki, BW Premier Collection is different from the local bus stop.


  • Please note that you must pay the separate Nagasaki Ropeway fare.
  • The Nagasaki Ropeway may not be operated during bad weather. Please check the Nagasaki Ropeway website for status updates.
  • The Free Shuttle Bus may not be run in certain circumstances. Please check the Free Shuttle Bus booking page for status updates.
  • The bus is used by many other customers. Please do not book more seats than you need.
    Visit the booking confirmation page if you need to cancel your booking.
  • Please refrain from bothering others on the bus or near the bus stop (violence, loud yelling, etc.).
  • Free Shuttle Bus departure or arrival may be delayed due to road or ropeway congestion, etc.